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SIGONG Leaders Visited the Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education

On the November 28, 2018, the delegation from SIGONGtech visited the Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education (AICFE). Delegates included the Chairman of SIGONGtech Ki-Seok Park, the Executive Director of i-Scream Edu Yong-Sang Cho, the Vice Chairman of SIGONGmedia and the president of ISO / IEC JTC1 SC36 of Korea Duk-Hoon Kwak, the Executive Director of SIGONGmedia Suk-Ho Lee, and the cheif representative of SIGONGtech in China Seong-Hoon Kim. Prof. Shengquan Yu, Executive Director of AICFE and Associate Prof. Yu Lu, Director of Artificial Intelligence Lab at AICFE hosted the delegation. SIGONGmedia is an affiliated company of SIGONGtech, the outright leader of the exhibition and cultural industry of Korea. SIGONGmedia is a specialized digital education enterprise; it is establishing the state-of-the-art digital multimedia archives with video, image, CG, 3D animation and flash while providing platforms and publication of e-Multimedia for preschoolers and elementary school students. In this meeting, two sides shared their platforms and services and exchanged opinions about cooperation possibilities. 


The Center first introduced its Smart Piano, AI Tutor, Smart Learning Partner (SLP) and Online and Offline Teaching Services. Linlin Ji firstly demonstrated how to make full use of the Intelligent Piano. It can teach simultaneously, play automatically, collect and analyze data and accomplish distance education or give lessons online. 

Linlin Ji Showed the Students Version of Intelligent Piano


Then Prof. Shengquan Yu presented the Centers background, project & services (Smart Learning Partner, Online Teaching Services), research projects (educational knowledge graph and AI Tutor) and international cooperation. Prof. Shengquan Yu also mentioned the Learning Cell research which can construct and visualize the social network of individual learning materials. Smart Learning Partner (SLP) was shown too. It is a crucial initiative for Beijing public education reform scheme, collecting data during learning processes, modeling knowledge and capability structure, diagnosing and solving learning problems in learning, finding and strengthening subject advantages. Xiaole Xie shared how Online and Offline Teaching Services benefited teachers and students. The services intended to provide individualized and personalized instruction online. Interestingly, the matrix notebook and digital pen enables teachers to write comfortably. 

The Delegation Listened to SLPs Coverage and Function (From Left to Right -- Ki-Seok Park, Seong-Hoon Kim, Duk-Hoon Kwak,)


After the introduction from the Prof. Shengquan Yu, Ki-Seok Park complimented that the center has done some great work. Some problems parents are facing can be solved by the center. I-Scream Edu generates 6 million data daily, but they have inadequate researchers or talents who know both AI and Education to deal with or utilize those data. The SIGONG is keen on seeking cooperation and achieving win-win situation.


President Ki-Seok Park then shared the corporate structure and major programs of SIGONG. The presentation is divided into four sections, Digital Multimedia, E-Learning Service, Digital Education Publishing and Convergence with Technology. AI is a critical direction for SIGONG too. Now it has provided services for teachers and students, like I-Scream S for teachers, Home-Learn for students, Nurinori for kindergarten & daycare and Schooling for middle school students. Some analysis on learning processes and test results are offered to the students in the meantime. The education provided by SIGONG also gives priority on shaping character.

The Korean Delegation in The Middle of Discussion


Prof. Shengquan Yu and President Ki-Seok Park talked promising opportunities like initiating talents exchange in the field of artificial intelligence, aggregating learning resources from SIGONG to SLP. The center also favored discussing more about the International Standardization under ISO/IEC JTC1/SC36. Dr. Duk-Hoon Kwak also invited Prof. Shengquan Yu to Korea to have further discussions.

Group Photo