Researcher Attended Chines-American-Finnish Workshop: 21st Century Intelligent Technology Tools in Education

The second Chines-American-Finnish Workshop was hosted by the University of Helsinki from February 13 to February 15, 2019 at Helsinki, Finland. The theme of the second Chines-American-Finnish Workshop was 21st Century Intelligent Technology Tools in Education. Researchers from Beijing Normal University, Stanford University, and University of Helsinki gathered together to discuss how to bring education into the forefront of AI research, and how to conduct multidisciplinary research to use AI as a significant opportunity to ensure high-quality education for all and change the learning crisis into quality learning at both the local and global level.


Group Photo of Attendees


On February 13, the workshop was chaired by Prof. Hannele Niemi. Prof. Hanna Snellman, vice-rector of University of Helsinki; Prof. Johanna Makela, Dean of Faulty of Educational Sciences at University of Helsinki; Prof. Jia Liu, Dean of Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute; and Prof. Barbara Schneider of Michigan State University gave welcome speeches at the beginning. All of them encouraged concrete joint research projects among China, the United State, and Finland.


Chair: Prof. Hannele Niemi


Welcome Speech: Prof. Jia Liu


Prof. Hannele Niemi and Prof. Yonghe Zheng of Beijing Normal University gave keynote speeches on Future Opportunities and Challenges of AI in Learning and Education: What We Are Aiming at – Joint Research and Joint Funding? Then representatives talked about their research on Simulation and Gaming, Personalized and Socio-emotional Learning, AI and Learning Crisis in a Global World, and What can we do with AI.


Prof. Yonghe Zheng Answered Questions


On February 14, attendees had in-depth communication and discussion in two groups: Intelligent Tutoring System and Personalized Learning. They shared details of research and practice to build common ground.

Researchers in Discussion


On the afternoon of February 14, CLIC and University of Helsinki organized “The Possibilities and Challenges of Using Intelligence in Knowledge Creation in Companies”. Representatives from companies in Finland and China shared the role of AI in education business.


On February 15, attendees were divided into three groups on: Intelligent Data Collection, Intelligent Tutoring System, and Simulation and Gaming. They worked on common ground to raise research questions and design research plans. Associate Professor Yu Lu presented AI related studies in Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education (AICFE). Project Manager Jiachen Song introduced joint research opportunities, such as publish book with Springer, apply mobility funding from National Natural Science Funding of China and Academy of Finland, and apply AI Tutor – International Cooperation Program.


Prof. Yu Lu Presented Research in AICFE


Prof. Yu Lu Presented Research in AICFE


Jiachen Song Presented Joint Research Opportunities with AICFE

Researchers in Discussion


Three-day workshop on 21st Century Intelligent Technology Tools in Education was successfully hosted by University of Helsinki. The last workshop will be organized by Beijing Normal University in May. Looking forward to new progress in Beijing.